All of our work is handmade in our Los Angeles studio and will vary slightly in shape, size and color. 

All plaster vases and drip mirrors are made to order; please allow 2-4 weeks for shipment.  The resin vessels are all one of a kind pieces and will be shipped within two days of order receipt.  All jewelry pieces are in stock and ready to ship within two days of order receipt. 

Customers are responsible for shipment cost, based on weight.  We ship all of our home goods via FedEx ground.  All jewelry is shipped via USPS Priority. 

We only accept the return of items that were damaged in shipping.  In the case that an item arrived damaged, please notify us within two days of order delivery.

Please contact us directly with any wholesale inquiries at or 323.908.0828.


All of our plaster vases are handcast in hydrocal plaster inside of unique balloon shapes.  The interior of the vases are poured with layers of resin, strengthening the plaster and making them waterproof.  Each collection of vases is finished using specialized dying process.

Please click here to see a video about our unique casting process. 


Each Drip Mirror is hand poured with layers of resin creating a border of our signature stalactite drips. The resin for each piece is hand-pigmented and poured to order. Because each mirror is unique, color palette and drip pattern will vary slightly.


Each one of a kind resin vessel is composed of a completely unique palette of pigmented resin. The resin is poured into a mold, layer by layer, building the piece from the outside in. Once a piece has reached a desired thickness, it is carved, sanded, and hand-polished to reveal hidden layers of color and unexpected graphic patterns.